Saturday, March 22, 2014

On Pace

Workout clothes shopping spree today and it sure helped me get out the door even though it was a little rainy. You know what happened after I got going? I'll tell you ... the wind calmed down, the little bit of rain stopped, and the sun came out ... the new clothes feel great ... AND I ran on pace. It wasn't a huge victory but so much better than spending the day on the couch, check the proud box. The struggle, wheezing, and lower than desired mileage will all improve as I REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring forward ...

After a few weeks nursing and babying my knee, today was the day to test it out and go for a run. This meant my new sneakers and Garmin Forerunner10 got their first run. Just a little loop around the outside of the park, under 2 miles. It was slow, very slow but I've gotta start (re-start) somewhere. This path to train for the a half marathon is going to be challenging, exciting, and worth it! Here's to Spring ... here's to the miles ahead of me ... here's to racing toward a goal ... here's to living, learning, loving, and moving!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Listening to My Body

Yesterday I started out with the intent to do Key Run #3 for the week, but I was experiencing some knee pain and after about 5-10 minutes on the treadmill I switched to the recumbent bike. I selected the hilly workout and rode 5 miles was a mini-cross train day. My knee hasn't bothered me while running in a very long time and I am frustrated. Taking time off and gaining a little bit of weight has not agreed with my knee or lower back, so today will be true rest day. Last year when I started running I had knee pain but then it eventually subsided and I wasn't dependent on ice and Advil. A more clear focus on eating clean and considering which foods are anti-inflammatory, as well as strengthening my back, hips, and legs. It is about need versus want. I know what my body responds best to and sometimes forget this. So, anything worth having is worth working hard to get.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rise & Spin - Cross Training Day

School vacation week means more time available to train, which for today meant 8:15am Spin class with my cousin. What a wonderful luxury! Must get to the gym 30 minutes early to sign up for class, after a lovely chat with a former student it was time to do core work while waiting. Why not, right? Spin class was challenging, in a good way. And it is always so much more enjoyable to workout with a friend. My cousin Kate is the best Spin-Sister, she kills it and I work harder seeing her there! My right knee is a little sore but nothing a little ice and elevation can't fix.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Signs of Spring

Woke up excited to do my training run today. The focus this program provides is a blessing. With Key Run #2, I had one mile warmup then one mile short tempo (5.2 for this girl)and finally one mile cooldown. I did the two Key Drills (butt kicks & high knees) in an empty group fitness room before I hit the treadmill. At first I felt a little silly but I feel like if I'm going to try to get the most out of this program then I had better do it all! The treadmill workout was good and even though I felt like I could do more (intensity & duration) I respect the master plan and will rely on the expertise used to compile the program. And when I finished the workout today I had a realization ... This was the longest(3 miles) I've ever run on a treadmill! AT home I made sure that I took the time to stretch ... oh that foam roller is tough to endure for 30 seconds on my right ITband! Done and feeling pleased! And after another messy snow storm yesterday, I am happy to have a few signs of Spring to make me believe that I will be able to train outside, leaving the treadmill behind. My new silver and green Brooks kicks arrived and there was a little ladybug in my kitchen ... the crocus sightings cannot be too far, right?!??!?

Monday, February 17, 2014

FIRST day ...

Today I started the FIRST training program ... Run Less, Run Faster. I read the book, upon recommendation, to help me prepare for my goal of completing a half marathon this year. And this is crazy to me because I started running a year ago. On February 14, 2013 my cousin asked me to run a 5K with her in 4 weeks. I hadn't run in literally years and I wasn't even sure if I could run that far. So the next day 2/15/13 I got on the treadmill at work and ran (let's just call it running ... more like I continued to move in a high impact manner for a mile). Since it was something I survived, I realized that "hey, maybe I can do this". A few more workouts on the treadmill, oh I really wasn't a fan of the treadmill, and then I had to take it to the streets. This was better and I felt that I was more comfortable. I got my mileage up and was doing the 5K distance. I ran the race with my cousins and was pretty damn proud of myself! St. Patty's Day is Southie was a rush and the hilly course was so much better with tons of cheering people. I did realize, after the fact, that my posture and facial expression was terrible. All the race pics were less than flattering. I was very bummed out. I continued to run and was pleased with the way it helped me gain a more fit body. I did a 10K in some of the most hot and humid weather possible on July 3rd, but crossing the finish line at Gillette Stadium was amazing! Regardless of the heat and my very sweaty body, I remembered the pics from my first race ... AND I mugged for every camera I saw! Let me tell ya, there were some really good and cute shots of me! And then a 4 mile Turkey Trot is freezing temps (with the windchill it was 11 degrees) and killer hill for the last .5 mile. One year later and a cold, snowy New England winter have me re-dedicating myself to running and fitness. So a half-marathon in November with shorter races along the way is my goal. Day one of this very intense and clearly spelled out training plan was here and I was extremely excited to hit the treadmill ... SERIOUSLY!! I decided to kick it off with the 5K Intermediate Training Program and work up to the other programs. Key Run #1 (Track Repeats) 10 minute warmup run 2 X 400 (with 400 recovery intervals between) 10 minute cooldown run 9 Key Stretches The challenge was to get my pace right for 2 X 400s. I will need to play with this but I love knowing what I should doing for distance and speed for each training session. My lower back was a little painful during the running and also during the stretching, but I felt pleased with this first workout and can't wait to really lock in. This won't be easy but it will be worth it. I expect ups and down and want to mark it all here. So, here goes ...