Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Signs of Spring

Woke up excited to do my training run today. The focus this program provides is a blessing. With Key Run #2, I had one mile warmup then one mile short tempo (5.2 for this girl)and finally one mile cooldown. I did the two Key Drills (butt kicks & high knees) in an empty group fitness room before I hit the treadmill. At first I felt a little silly but I feel like if I'm going to try to get the most out of this program then I had better do it all! The treadmill workout was good and even though I felt like I could do more (intensity & duration) I respect the master plan and will rely on the expertise used to compile the program. And when I finished the workout today I had a realization ... This was the longest(3 miles) I've ever run on a treadmill! AT home I made sure that I took the time to stretch ... oh that foam roller is tough to endure for 30 seconds on my right ITband! Done and feeling pleased! And after another messy snow storm yesterday, I am happy to have a few signs of Spring to make me believe that I will be able to train outside, leaving the treadmill behind. My new silver and green Brooks kicks arrived and there was a little ladybug in my kitchen ... the crocus sightings cannot be too far, right?!??!?

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